Getting to the Heart of Why We Play and Keep Playing


Essays from 19 Leaders of the Game

Shane Bacon • Will Bardwell • Joel Beall • Akbar Chisti • Michael Clayton • Matt Considine • Tony Dear • Christine Fraser • Jim Hartsell • Adam Heieck • David McLay Kidd • Abby Liebenthal • Sean Martin • Kenny Pallas • Jay Revell • James Sitar • Laz Versalles • Stephanie Wei • Sean Zak

Edited and Introduction by James Sitar



Making Longtime Friendships • Learning about Yourself • Creating Opportunities for Youth • The People You Meet • The Importance of Honesty and Integrity • Connecting Several Generations • Rooting for Others • The Capacity to Create Community • Experiencing Nature • The Temporary Escape • Rooting for Your Competitor • The Temptation of Nostalgia • The Evolving, Changing Traditions of Golf • Playing with our Children • Discovering Far-Off Courses • Being Together and Alone • The Literature of Golf • Experiential Design • The Desire to Give Back and Help Others

Golf is a most social game, giving us more time to talk and get to know someone than any other sport.

It’s also the best game to play alone, when we need a bit of solitude to sort life problems, or to escape them or avoid them for just a few hours.

It’s also a game that connects generations. Some of our fondest memories of golf involve playing with our fathers and other family members.

And while golf teaches us many lessons, some of them come through observing the actions and behaviors of those we play with.

It's a cliché, but true: any time spent on the golf course is better than in the office. And bad shots are better than no shots at all.

Sometimes it’s an escape from the monotony of daily life. A moment of tranquility on a particular hole, observing some deer courageously exiting their home in the woods, or ducks or turtles sending themselves or at play together, or listening to the sounds of birds or crickets.. I think there’s something innate that makes us look for these moments, and there’s so much of modern life that denies us them.

WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT GOLF seeks to capture all of what golf gives us, through 19 different viewpoints, each giving us a unique perspective on why we play golf and keep playing.