A book that's actually growing the game.

A Children's book by Shane Bacon

Sometimes Mom and Dad need to get away. The Golfer’s Zoo answers the age-old kid’s question; where the heck are Mom and Dad going when they take that big bag of sticks out and leave us for a few hours? 

Sure, the golf course can be an adventure for parents, but it’s also a magical haven for animals to enjoy the sprawling fairways and relaxed watering holes that dot every golf property. From foxes to deer, turtles to sleepy owls, the golf course never disappoints and never bores us. The Golfer’s Zoo helps to show how much fun, nature, and animals are on a golf course, to ignite their imaginations and fuel a burgeoning interest in golf.

So help your kids understand the joys of golf, as they take a trip around 18 holes with Mom and Dad and say hello to all the animals that live on the course. They’ll never know what they'll see next!

Praise for The Golfer's Zoo

The Golfers’ Zoo was the first book I bought for my baby, and it instantly became our favorite. I hope Shane writes more kids’ books.”
Joel Dahmen, PGA Tour winner 

“Finally a children’s book about golf my daughter can relate to and enjoy. She doesn’t care about birdies and bogeys but loves animals. What better way to introduce her to the game I love than through a trip to the Zoo!”
Mark Hubbard, PGA Tour player

“While I might be a few years north of this book’s target audience, I read this cover to cover and loved every page. Finally, a great golf gift for children. And by the way, what can’t Shane Bacon do?”
Tom Coyne, New York Times-bestselling author of A Course Called America and A Course Called Scotland, senior editor of The Golfer’s Journal

The Golfer’s Zoo does what all the best golf products do: it brings moms and sons or fathers and daughters closer together. I’m grateful for the fruit of relationship within my home that this book has produced.”
Kyle Porter, CBS Sports

"Finally, a book my daughter and I can both enjoy.”
Andy Johnson, The Fried Egg

“Children’s books predominantly explain why something is happening. The Golfer’s Zoo invites children into an extremely grown-up game, that every adult wished they played as a child. Shane Bacon loves golf as much as anyone I know, and it shines through on each page. If one kid picks up a club as a result, he would treat it as a success. I suspect more will, thanks to this book.”
Will Brinson, CBS Sports

“I’d like to golf with my newborn as soon as possible—he can’t grip a club yet but he’ll probably be better than me quite quickly. But until he can swing a driver, the next best thing for golfing fun together is reading Shane Bacon’s The Golfer’s Zoo, which we do often. The colors, the animals, the adventure are all awesome. I can even relate to the dad’s bad short game. My son will be looking for animals as soon as he gets on the course now!”
Kevin Clark, The Ringer 

“Dada, let’s read your book, it’s so funny!”
Henry, Shane’s son 

About the Author

Shane Bacon is a national sports broadcaster, podcaster, and writer who has spent most of his life around golf. From the pro shop as a kid to picking the range, to caddying at St Andrews and giving pro golf a run, he’s seen the sport from just about every angle. These days the main job title is husband and dad to wife Cindy, son Henry and daughter Charlotte. Shane hopes his young kids—like yours—get a little more interested in the game after a few hundred readings of The Golfer’s Zoo.