Back Nine Press is devoted to publishing books about golf that the game deserves.

We’re publishing great stories that define golf today, personal reflections on the meaning of the game, and compelling writing about the people who are forging the future of golf.

The golf world is full of great stories.

And yet every year, there’s only a trickle of new books about the game. Most are focused on the past, without capturing the present or envisioning the future.

Many recent golf books chase the greatest players on tour, describing a way of playing that’s foreign to 99.9% of us. Others promise to tell you the secrets of the golf swing or the mental game.

And other books trot out old clichés and one-dimensional views of the game, failing to reflect the values, experiences, and true diversity of the game that many of us know. 

The golf world is also full of great writers who never get the chance to see their work in print, as many traditional book publishers don’t see a market for golf books. 

So we're changing that.

Why Work With Us


Because we’re very small and lean, we can maximize profits, and we share a much higher portion of revenues with our authors than larger presses.


We intentionally publish very few books, so we can give our full focus on them. Big New York publishers rarely give golf writers any attention, and their sales suffer as a result. Your work deserves much more attention and support.


We know how to market to the golf world. Other presses that publish the occasional golf book don't know how to access that world, and when they do, it comes off as inauthentic. With an active social media presence and a deep list of thousands of golf lovers and professionals, we are firmly rooted in the golf world.


Since we publish only a few books per year, we can get books to market much faster. If you contract with a large publisher, it could be 4 years before the book comes out. They are working on anywhere between 10 and 70 books before yours will come out. We can publish your book in under a year.


We apply our expertise to your manuscript while preserving your unique voice and style, ensuring that you're extremely proud of the final version. Many publishers only pretend to be interested in your ideas for the book design. All of our authors are heavily involved in the decisions that will affect the look and feel of your book.

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